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The Unthinkable Shoes

Paperback   eBook: Amazon, Chapters/IndigoBarnes and Noble, iTunes

A boy loses his shoes between heaven and the deep blue sea Finn Cleary is an excited five-year-old passenger heading for a new life on Titanic’s maiden voyage. But fate not only denies him his New York destination, it also separates him from the girl he was destined to marry. Finn has tough shoes to fill, trying to compete with his older brother, but his death delivers a tougher quest. Bad timing and old jealousies threaten to trap his spirit in a permanent half-life and crush a star-crossed romance forever. To recover the threads of his lost future, Finn must heal an old score and honor his mother’s strict orders to look after the only new pair of shoes he’s ever owned or she’ll skin him alive. But a promise, made in haste complicates his next incarnation. Finding Finn’s lost shoes may be young love’s only chance to stay together. An extraordinary love story of reincarnation and sacrifice.