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Woo Woo: the posthumous love story of miss Emily Carr

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When Emily Carr was a teenager several untoward events caused her to reject the romantic loves of her life, but one suitor in particular, pursued her to the end of her days. Much conjecture surrounds Emily’s obscure references to lost love, paternal betrayal, and her emotional maladies diagnosed as hysteria, that she implanted in her books as well as her letters and diaries. Sixty-seven years after Emily’s death, an historic mystery man continues to hover over her memoirs … like a ghost. * Emily Carr was an eccentric spinster – a feisty, independent artist. Sixty-seven years after her death, she wants s chance to reunite with Martyn, the love of her life, a man she described as compelling, yet impossible to accept as a husband. Martyn romantically pursued Emily for forty-six years after being smitten with her on the sea voyage which took her to Ucluelet, British Columbia, in 1899 when she was a bewildered twenty-seven years-old. Their serendipitous meeting rekindled Emily’s passionate nature, but also inflamed the instability between her desires and fears, and Martyn was caught in am ongoing dance of acceptance and rejection. In 2012, Scottie Watson, a freelance historian , recently moved to Victoria, is confronted by Emily’s ghost and pressed into her service, but as Emily gains strength from Scottie’s life force, Scottie weakens. Scottie’s passionate relationship with Jon Locke, a marine biologist with a penchant for paranormal investigation, is jeopardized. A lost love-letter from Martyn must be located in order to latch onto the energy signature which connects him with Emily. The key is in the hands of Regina, a deceased nun, one of the ‘Poor Clares’, a sister in St. Ann’s priory, who met and befriended Emily when she lay mortally ill, in 1945.

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