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Pearl by Pearl

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‘PEARL by PEARL’ – the past-life memories of a renaissance woman. A woman savant must experience her next life as a time-traveler to recover the missing paintings of Leonardo da Vinci and reunite with her lost love. Delphi Sharpe’s flashbacks of fifteenth-century Florence had been as real as the harsh institutions where she grew up, diagnosed as an autistic savant. After being liberated by a ruthless art collector, due to her psychic ability to speak with paintings, she lived in two worlds: an alternate reality where renaissance paintings communicated with her through mental telepathy, and the real world where she worked authenticating and restoring paintings. When Delphi meets her next life, time-traveler Cherry White, after an untimely near-death experience, she’s been ‘nearly’ dead for fifty-two years. Now, Delphi exists between worlds, forced to watch the life she should have had unfold, including her romance with a young man she met in a five-hundred year-old painting. Reincarnated, reinvented, and unfinished, two ‘art-whisperers’ must struggle against their conflicting goals to mine the distant past for sentient paintings willing to divulge their secrets to discover their shared lost identity and answer the question, will it take two lives to make one woman? ‘Pearl by Pearl’ is the conclusion of ‘The Indigo Pearl,’ a story of a thousand secrets locked in the amber of history, beyond artificial intelligence and beyond evolution itself which takes an autistic savant child, an insignificant orphan, on an extraordinary journey of reincarnation and time-travel.